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We are an independent production company that produces commercials, feature films, short films, and provides various other professional media services.



Tequila Mockingbird began two years ago when three film friends and collaborators started work on the short film Azteca Dietica. In 2017 they entered into the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project under the team name “Tequila Mockingbird”, which instantly gained the attention of the festival directors. Their resulting short film was Shady Oaks Takedown. It won an audience award and went on to compete in the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project’s ‘Best Of’ awards ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre. The three filmmakers had enjoyed working together, and realized they could channel their incredible drive for storytelling in a joint effort. They decided to keep the Tequila Mockingbird name.


Cameron A. Mitchell

Cameron Mitchell has been writing all his life. Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska, there was nothing else to do. In 2011 his first novel The Temple was published. Cameron spent the next two years selling and signing books. In 2013 he moved to Los Angeles and turned his eye to production. He has produced over a dozen short films since, four of which he wrote and directed. He has had scripts featured in Hollyshorts and Oaxaca Film Festival. In 2018 he was awarded the Northern Lights Emerging Talent Award from the Alaska Film Awards, and his short film Breakfast In Bed was a semifinalist in the Short Drama category of the Burbank International Film Festival.

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Rookie Morgan

Rookie Morgan is a director, producer and editor. He first caught the "film bug" as a 6-year-old child running around with his father’s point-and-shoot camera, while having his little mind molded (and slightly rotted) by the dark humor of cartoons. In association with Inner-City Filmmakers, he made a three minute short film titled Who? in 2011; and in 2014 he was hired by KHTS Radio to create the station’s first video department. Rookie turned back to directing films in 2017, while also producing several new web series for KHTS Radio. Rookie embraces his vulnerable side along with his dark humor to create something truly....weird.

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Thresa Richardson

Thresa (T.) Richardson is a longtime storyteller (every report card read: Bright kid. Talks too much.) She has authored four children's chapter books that are currently being adapted to screenplays and currently writes a bi-monthly advice column called Afternoon T. in the Santa Clarita Valley. Her short films (Strayed and Azteca Dietica) did well on the film festival circuit and her recent horror script Angie, Baby is now earning laurels as well. She refuses to ever rest on them.

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