"Shady Oaks Takedown" Short Film Released!

Shady Oaks Takedown, the film created in 48 hours, is now available to stream and share on Vimeo.

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The year old film, was produced for the LA 48 Hour Film Project to write, produce and finish a film in only 48 hours. In addition, several parameters were given: A character named Austin or Ashley Cheevers who is a winemaker, a wallet for a prop, and the line of dialog “We only have a few minutes” must be included. The genres were drawn at random from a hat, the team drew “Martial Arts/Buddy Film” and we could combine them or use one or the other.

We decided to mainly focus on the genre martial arts. And, admittedly, when the story was initially pitched to me, I didn’t bite. But once our writer pitched us the opening scene, I was sold that this was gonna be a fun experience for us as well as the audience.
— Rookie Morgan, Director

Shady Oaks Takedown went on to screen at the audience choice awards for the 48 Hour Film Project along with the Festival’s ‘Best Of’ screening. The film has since be featured in multiple film festivals and has won numerous awards. Most recently, Shady Oaks won “Best Ensemble” at the Show Low Film Festival.

While Shady Oaks was originally presented in 1080p and 2K, the film was actually shot in 4K and today we are releasing the film in the original resolution.