Tequila Mockingbird Productions Reveals Reality TV Show Project

Today, Tequila Mockingbird Productions released a special preview of their new reality tv show project titled Two Chicks and a Truck.

Production of the show began back in February of this year, the team traveled north to Watsonville, CA, to meet Dawn Bowie and Kelli Dicicco Siefke, the owners of Carriage House Collectibles.

The team followed Dawn and Kelli from the Santa Cruz Flea Market to various “picks” in Watsonville. The team returned in August for pick up shots and is currently post-production.

The project is now available under the “Projects” page on the website where an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and Gallery are available for view.

There’s clear signs that Watsonville has had a direct influence on the team. Tuttle Mansion, the estate attached to Carriage House Collectibles, is predominately displayed on the home page.

Show Preview

About The Show

Two highly watchable, super relatable women in a small coastal farming community take on their second chapter of life by opening an antique/collectible store. They are VERY funny, hardworking and crazy-creative. They not only hunt for ready-to-sell antique treasures for their store, Carriage House Collectibles, they refurbish and re-purpose the more hopeless finds--Beat up frame of a banjo? No problem! It's now a gorgeous, quirky wall clock!! Gutless Victrola Cabinet? Now a beautiful, steampunk mini-bar!! There are no orphans, only beautiful souls of something waiting to be born/made/created.

These two women draw a crowd wherever they go, as people are held captive once they put their talking heads together about items that some collectors would give up on. They swear they've encountered angels along their journey (perhaps spirits are attached to the more ancient pieces they come across?) and they are entertaining and positively watchable as they weave their hoodoo tchotchke voodoo that they do so well. You either want to be them, be friends with them or yell your own ideas at them. Add pizza and a bottle of wine, this is DIY TV at its Girl's Night In best.