Azteca Dietica Now Available On New Streaming Platform TruIndie


Azteca Dietica has been picked up by new streaming platform

The short film, co-directed by Thresa Richardson and Rookie Morgan, began production in 2017. The film had it’s festival debut at the inaugural Show Low Film Festival in October 2018.

The film was released on Vimeo on January 1, 2019. The short film now lives on TruIndie exclusively .

A second film, Breakfast In Bed, from Tequila Mockingbird member Cameron A. Mitchell, has also been picked up by the platform. The film was also produced in 2017. The dark drama follows a man’s dark obsession with a woman he kidnaps.



Many of us have fond memories of staying up past our bedtime to watch strange films on late night tv, and perusing the video store for hours for that perfectly weirdo film. Those days have begun to fade, sadly, and TruIndie is striving to keep that spirit, and feeling, alive.

Despite being pushed out of the mainstream more and more, independent film is on the rise, and is still an important and valid artform. Filmmakers are free to express themselves without limits, and the creativity and passion that results from this is beyond inspiring.

Censorship kills creativity, and is the opposite of what TruIndie is about. With the onslaught of streaming services pulling films and laundering them to fit the mainstream, TruIndie is offering a unique platform for independent filmmakers. We believe art has no rules, and factors such as budget and awards don’t always determine quality. For $4.95 a month, members will have access to all the films they never knew they needed to see.