Fractured Atlas Becomes Our Fiscal Sponsor


Tequila Mockingbird Productions was presented to national organization Fractured Atlas’ Board of Directors who approved the production company for fiscal sponsorship

A message from the Tequila Mockingbird team:

From left to right: Thresa Richardson, Cameron A. Mitchell, Rookie Morgan

Our production company has been asked on multiple occasions by writers, actors, and directors to take their project from script to screen. We’ve done so on a wing and a prayer, creating high-quality content whether they had financing or not. It’s not ideal, and it taxes cast, crew and producers to do so. We value every member of a project and want to pay them what they’re worth.

Production costs are often prohibitive for many artists hoping to bring their vision to life and without crowdfunding, rich relatives or angel investors -- their vision remains a dream and little else.

Therefore, we are pleased and proud to announce that Tequila Mockingbird is now equipped to assist through fiscal sponsorship, thanks to Fractured Atlas. We now make it possible for you to become a Patron of the Arts, giving you the chance to follow the project from start to film festival finish via a tax-deductible donation. You can donate one time or monthly (which you can change at any time) receiving a receipt for your donation, whether cash or credit card. You can announce your support publicly or remain anonymous if you like (either way, you get the good karma that comes from sending art into the world at large).

Fractured Atlas assesses a 7% administrative fee on all donations that covers all administrative costs—including website maintenance, credit card processing, staff time, and bank fees. It’s completely up to you whether or not you’d like to cover the fee. [If you choose not to, it will be subtracted from project's revenue.]

No matter if you donate, share, or just send us a kind word, we want to thank you so much for your support. We could not do this without you.


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