Hangover: Aftermath Of The Tequila Shots


A new three short-film anthology is coming from Tequila Mockingbird Productions this fall.

Tequila Shots, the three short-film compilation, was announced April 24th. I Spy A Foodie, Dinner In Room 307, and Float entered production in Encino, California on May 17th and wrapped May 19th in Carpinteria, California. Each film is written and directed by one of the three founders of the production company.

“We each wanted to have a film that was totally our own voice, but also reflected the overall style of Tequila Mockingbird. And I think we accomplished that, each film stands on its own, but shares a love for dark comedy.” - Rookie Morgan.

Thresa Richardson, Writer-Director I Spy A Foodie

The films were shot consecutively having only one day to capture all or mostly all of the story. Production began with Thresa Richardson’s I Spy A Foodie. The film stars Kerstin Porter and Robert Keller in a thrilling romantic dark comedy that follows a new couple on a series of dates. The story was inspired by actual events in Richardson’s life.

“It was months before I realized the man I was dating wasn’t a foodie like me. The first time I cooked for him he described it as ‘edible.’ My response led him to describe me as ‘Samuel L. Jackson in an apron,’ and not only did I not poison him, I married him.” - Thresa Richardson, Director.

Andressa Cor, Cinematographer & Cameron A. Mitchell, Writer-Director

Following I Spy A Foodie, Cameron A. Mitchell stepped into the director role for his story Dinner In Room 307. In this dark comedic-drama starring Daniel R. Murphy and Jace Taylor, a man, looking for a change in his life, is invited to a very strange dinner party full of secrets.

“Coming into this project it was important to me that, even though it's this very grim, self-serious situation the characters are in, it's funny. A big part of that was the character of Ellie. She's flippant, above it all, but at the same time still very much in charge. It was important to me we cast the right actor for that. And Jace Taylor nailed it. She and Dan have terrific chemistry, and she's both hilarious and terrifying. And that's just in real life! Her character is too.” - Cameron A. Mitchell, Director.

“I've always loved dark comedy and I have always had a very morbid sense of humor, and that translates to the best of my stories. I've made a lot of films and written a lot of stories that don't necessarily show that sense of humor, and they're not as strong as they could be with it…I'm hoping [the audience] laughs. I’m hoping they'll feel grossed out with themselves for it, but in a good way.” - Cameron A. Mitchell, Director.

Rookie Morgan, Writer-Director & Emily Schlachter, Lead Actor

Once Dinner In Room 307 wrapped, some of the crew traveled through the night to the small beach town of Carpinteria for Rookie Morgan’s Float. Emily Schlachter, Michael Schilf, and Esther Pidal star in the short drama that follows a recently deceased teenager who's chosen to stay as a ghost and experiences the aftermath and consequences of staying behind. The film also features the voice of radio personality Kyle Jellings in an animated role.

“From what originally started as a light hearted joke about ghosts floating away, evolved into a very beautiful story and it’s still evolving. For me, it was a culmination of hard work and practice in everything I’ve learned over the years to make something that I feel truly represents who I am as a filmmaker. It’s weird, it’s sad, it’s funny, it’s heartfelt, it’s me.” - Rookie Morgan, Director.

Each production succeeded in crewing more women than men, which was a personal goal for the production.

  • I Spy A Foodie - 9 Women / 7 Men

  • Dinner In Room 307 - 14 Women / 10 Men

  • Float - 9 Women / 7 Men


Post-Production And Beyond

All three films are currently being edited, the goal is to have the films ready this fall to hit the deadline for specific film festivals that the filmmakers have already chosen.

Although production has wrapped, you can still be a part of the Tequila Shots project by donating through our fiscal sponsor and receiving a tax deduction in the process along with a special thank you in the credits of these films. Donations go to the post-production effort to finishing the films.