Tequila Shots Trailer Released!

From the creative minds of Tequila Mockingbird Productions, comes three new short films from Thresa Richardson, Cameron A. Mitchell, and Rookie Morgan in a brand new anthology.

The anthology was announce earlier this year in April and went into production in May. Each film is written and directed by one of the three founders of Tequila Mockingbird.

Since production wrapped two months ago, Abby Corbett took on the challenge of editing all three films at the same time.

Abby Corbett, Editor

“I was a little intimidated at first at the thought of taking on three films at once, but the directors and production team did such a great job on set that it made my job super easy! The directors all had a clear vision of what they were going for and were great about giving me feedback so we could get the most out of the footage.“ - Abby Corbett, Editor

Picture lock for all three films was announced on July 20th, and now each film is in various stages of post-production.

“Now that the editing is complete, I’m super excited to see the final product with sound design, music, and effects all put into place. Viewers can definitely expect to be delighted by these three fun, quirky, original shorts!” - Abby Corbett, Editor

I Spy A Foodie

I Spy A Foodie Cast Robert Keller and Kerstin Porter.

The film stars Kerstin Porter and Robert Keller in a thrilling romantic dark comedy that follows a new couple, who clearly don’t share the same passion, on a date night.

“I’m proud of the team assembled for this project, because everyone contributes such fantastic skills and talent to the recipe.” - Thresa Richardson, Writer/Director

The short film is in its final stages of post-production and is on track to being the first completed film in the anthology. The film is currently being scored by Sarah Wallin Huff, who previously scored Shady Oaks Takedown in 2017.

The production crew.

“For me, post-production is the time when the other layers of the cake come into play and it is total deliciousness! What ultimately makes a film snap, crackle and pop are the editing, sound design, underscoring, color correction, etc. — and it is such a treat when it all comes together.” - Thresa Richardson, Writer/Director

The ensemble cast.

In this dark comedic-drama starring Daniel R. Murphy and Jace Taylor, a man, looking for a change in his life, is invited to a very strange dinner party full of secrets.

“I'm most proud of the performances. Dan and Jace have a great rhythm and I love to see them pop off each other.” Cameron A. Mitchell, Writer/Director

The short film is close behind I Spy A Foodie in the post-production pipeline. It has entered the color grading process and is being scored by Charlotte Partt who previously scored Mitchell’s last short film Looking In.

Plotting out the shot.

"Post production has been great. So many independent films, especially short films, languish or die in post. One thing we're very proud of as a team is how we keep things quick and efficient, even after wrap." - Cameron A. Mitchell, Writer/Director

Photo that appears in the film

Emily Schlachter, Michael Schilf, and Esther Pidal star in the short drama that follows a recently deceased teenager who's chosen to stay as a ghost and experiences the aftermath and consequences of staying behind.

“My fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to tell the story I really wanted to tell. But through this storytelling process, I realized that the real story always emerges from the collaboration of other like-minded passionate artists. I’m really proud of this little beautiful film we made together.” - Rookie Morgan, Writer/Director/Cinematographer

The short film has an extensive post-production workflow with many moving parts. Most notably featured in the trailer, the animated character Devin, voiced by radio personality Kyle Jellings, was a technical hurdle that broke up the post-production workflow into several segments. Currently, visual effects and animation are being produced. Despite being presented in a standard 16:9 aspect ratio in the trailer, Float is the first film from Tequila Mockingbird to be shot on anamorphic lenses to be presented in a native CinemaScope.

Planning the steadicam movement.

Float has a lot of firsts for me, bringing an animated character to life, working as my own Cinematographer, and keeping track of an extraordinary amount of digital files. It’s funny, a lot of people, myself included, seem to fall out of love with their project or can’t bare to see the first rough cut. While it’s a crazy amount of work, once the pieces begin falling into place, you begin to fall in back in love with the film. That’s what I consider movie magic.” - Rookie Morgan, Writer/Director/Cinematographer

The film is being scored by Gregory Hinde. This is the second collaboration with Rookie Morgan.


The shorts are set to be released this Fall, a specific date is still TBD.