Tequila Mockingbird Heads To Second Annual Show Low Film Festival

The Tequila crew is headed to the White Mountains of Arizona this October 18-20 to screen four projects at the international film festival.

Produced in late 2018, the webseries pilot Gray Matter was an early selection for the festival. The web series pilot stars series creator Toni Perrotta as Tiny, the rambunctious ring leader running a rideshare company with her three friends, characters who should have had their driving privileges revoked for a number of reasons. The series also stars Paula Jay Fairbrother, Joyce Fidler, and Thresa Richardson.

The women of Gray Matter.

“As a woman of a certain age, it makes me feel proud to have my piece accepted into the festival. Gray Matter is a play on words. Gray lives, meaning older people's lives matter. Most of us are very aware, and vital, and still want to live large, whole lives. I hope the audience sees that we are young minded in older bodies. Our ‘gray matter’ is still firing. We still need our sisterhood. We need to be in the world contributing, playing, laughing, participating. Ageism is alive and well in our country/culture, albeit somewhat better lately. I'm proud of showing that we still got it going on. We are NOT sitting on our rocking chairs knitting. We are participating. We are NOT ready to sit down.” - Toni Perrotta, Series Creator.

Kate Ketcham, who frequently works as a cinematographer, stepped into the director role for the series pilot for her directorial debut.

“I’m proud of all of the performances in Gray Matter. We were aiming to create a youthful comedy with older characters, and I think we really succeeded. I hope that the audience will connect with the performances and enjoy!” - Kate Ketcham, Director


The Tequila Shots Anthology will also make its world premiere at the Show Low Film Festival. The anthology is comprised of three short films: I Spy A Foodie, Dinner In Room 307, and Float.

The Tequila Mockingbird Team

Development of the anthology series began early February, with the goal of showcasing the three distinct voices of Tequila Mockingbird Productions.

The nature of the project left the team with a difficult production challenge: to deliver the series on budget and in a timely manner. The solution was to shoot all three films back to back with each film only having one day of production. Essentially, a weekend production marathon.

“I absolutely loved getting the chance to get to know the crew! Everybody was so nice and so welcoming - especially since I’m a newbie in working with Tequila Mockingbird, it was comforting to know I could make conversation with anyone and feel right at home. Also, it was just fun to joke around with everyone when the cameras weren’t rolling.” - Jace Taylor, Ellie, Dinner In Room 307


The team put together a crew of both rotating and recurring people and organized both individual and shared resources. Once production wrapped, Abby Corbett switched her script supervisor title to editor, and tackled all three short films.

Both I Spy A Foodie and Dinner In Room 307 had fairly normal post-production workflows. Rookie, however, brought an extra creative challenge on Float.

“In Float, everyone is alone, whether emotionally or physically. But Emily, as a ghost, is especially alone. No one can see or hear her, and while that doesn’t stop her from talking, it can get pretty boring, even for the dead, so Devin was born.” - Rookie Morgan, Director, Float.

Float made extensive use of animation and visual effects to bring the character Devin, a sassy spiritual guide, to life.

Character Animation By Michael Anthony Fonteboa Chavez

“I am hoping the audience likes Devin. No spoilers, but when Devin shows up some pretty serious stuff is happening, but I am hoping Devin can provide some levity to a pretty heavy situation.” - Kyle Jellings, Devin, Float

Exactly three months later, the short films are completed and are currently on their way to the Show Low Film Festival. All four films are finalists in different awards categories.

Last year, the Tequila Mockingbird team traveled to Lakeside, Arizona for the inaugural Show Low Film Festival with three film projects and won three awards. The 48-Hour Shady Oaks Takedown won “Best Ensemble,” short thriller Looking In won “Best Suspense,” and the team also won a social media award for their instagram account. The Show Low Film Festival is in its second year running.

“This year we have twice as many films as last year, so that's very exciting to have so many more filmmakers up here to see the beautiful area and possibly come film their film here also. Secondly, the locals here now know more about what the film festival is, so we're going to have a lot more attendance from the local community. And, I'm thrilled to announce that, because of last years festival, we will have three features that are going to be filming in the White Mountains 2020 and 2021.” - Martina Webster, Festival Director, Show Low Film Festival.

Rookie Morgan wins “Best Ensemble” for Shady Oaks Takedown

Several cast and crew from Gray Matter and the Tequila Shots are confirmed to attend the festival. Festival day-passes are now available for purchase! The schedule of screenings has not been announced, however, films will have repeated screenings over the multi-day event.

“And this year, we're adding a red carpet press event on Saturday October 19th from 6 to 7:30 p.m.” - Martina Webster, Festival Director, Show Low Film Festival.