Show Low Film Festival Nominates Tequila Mockingbird 12 Times - #showlowfilmfestival


Tequila Mockingbird returns to the Show Low Film Festival with three short films, a web series pilot, and a feature script, sweeping the award nominations in the process.

Director Kate Ketcham, Cinematographer Kyah Cook, and Producer Cameron A. Mitchell on set.

The web series pilot Gray Matter was the first to be accepted into the festival as an official Early Selection. The pilot was written by Toni Perrotta and shot in November of last year.

Gray Matter has been nominated for:

Best Ensemble (Toni Perrotta, Paula Jay Fairbrother, Joyce Fidler, Thresa Richardson)
Best Short Under 11 (Tequila Mockingbird Productions)

“In creating Gray Matter, I saw these characters in my mind's eye. I was beyond thrilled at how Joyce, Thresa, and Paula brought them to life. Beyond all my expectations. They breathed life into these characters. For me it was important to write a web series about women of a certain age. They all have their own strengths and challenges. Just as my characters are family...that is how the entire cast and crew I had a blast with these ladies. I will work with Joyce, Thresa, and Paula anywhere, anytime. We are sisters for life !!!!!” - Toni Perrotta, Series Creator

Angie, Baby, a horror script by Thresa Richardson, was also an Early Selection.

About Angie, Baby:

Teen boys go missing and some believe that Angie, the daughter of cursed California coastal farmland, is to blame.

The screenplay was nominated for:

Best Script (Thresa Richardson)

“Since Show Low Film Festival is one of my favorites, I am absolutely thrilled that my script, ‘Angie, Baby’ is one of the nominees. I look forward to spending time in the white mountains of Arizona. Simply being in attendance already makes me a winner!” - Thresa Richardson, Writer


The three short film of the Tequila Shots Anthology received a total of nine nominations. I Spy A Foodie, written and directed by Thresa Richardson, Dinner In Room 307, written and directed by Cameron A. Mitchell, and Float, written and directed by Rookie Morgan, were shot back to back in May. 

“I'm really excited about it. We had such a blast at Show Low last year and I can't wait to see everyone again. Going through the nominations was such a great feeling, because we put buckets of blood, sweat, and tears into these things, and I'm thrilled to see the response so far. And this is our festival! I can't wait to see what comes next.” - Cameron A. Mitchell, Director, Dinner in Room 307

I Spy A Foodie has been nominated for:

Best Short Under 11 Minutes (Tequila Mockingbird Productions)

Dinner In Room 307 has been nominated for:

Best Short 11-15 Minutes (Tequila Mockingbird Productions)

Float has been nominated for:

Best Short Under 11 Minutes (Tequila Mockingbird Productions)
Best Producing (Melissa Enright, Thresa Richardson, Cameron A. Mitchell, Rookie Morgan)
Best Director (Rookie Morgan)
Best Cinematography (Rookie Morgan)
Best Set Design (Stephen Ruthven, Susan Ruthven)
Best Sound / Foley (Jazmin Ortiz, Kaitlin Ragland)
Best Edit (Abby Corbett)

The Tequila Mockingbird team plans to be in attendance at the festival. A schedule to view these films will be released in a separate post.

A full schedule has been released by the festival. Passes are available now!

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