Sit Down With "Looking In" Director Cameron A. Mitchell


Looking In has been hitting the film festival circuit, and we thought it’d be helpful to have a little inside knowledge before you watch the film.

We sat down with Cameron A. Mitchell to see what goes into the creative process.

Looking In screens today at the Culver City Film Festival. Tickets are available to buy.

Q: Where did the title “Looking In” come from?

The title of the film comes from the issues Clark is having. After his first encounter with Haley, he's catching glimpses of the other side, the afterlife.


Q: Where did you draw inspiration from for directing?

My biggest inspiration was probably The Orphanage, by J.A. Bayona. I love the grounded, spooky weirdness he brings to all of his movies, and when I watched that one specifically a lot of things clicked into place.

Q: For writing?

Writing is harder to say. A lot of things inspire me - from something I hear randomly out in the world, a dream I've had, a random thought. Stories come from everywhere. It's weird and hard to describe.

Q: What are you most proud of about the film?

It's hard to pick one thing to be most proud of. I'm most proud that we did it. We had only one day to shoot nine pages, and we pulled it off. Not only did we make the movie, but people seem to enjoy it. I guess I'd say I'm most proud of the team we put together to make it all happen.

Q: Favorite on set moment?

Favorite on set moment would probably be when Rookie Morgan, the DP, saw Myles Cranford for the first time. Myles is very tall. Very tall, and we had this tiny office to shoot his scene. It was a workaround.

Q: What’s next for “Looking In”?

We want to turn it into a feature, and so far we have a lot of interest. We had a great reception in Show Low, Arizona, and some of the folks there want to help us make it. Fingers crossed!