Looking In

Short Film | Horror | Thiller
Year: 2018
Runtime: 12 Mins
Director: Cameron A. Mitchell
Writer: Cameron A. Mitchell
Studios: Tequila Mockingbird & Enlark Productions

Looking In was produced in the summer of 2018 and follows Clark, a young schizophrenic man who works at a church as part of a rehabilitation program. Clark starts talking with a mysterious girl in white. Soon after he begins seeing things that aren’t there, and missing long stretches of time. His past issues with mental illness are called into question, but Clark has never felt more sure of himself. The girl says that she is a ghost, and the people Clark works with killed her.

What if she’s telling the truth?

The film stars Stephen J. Clark and returning star Danielle DellaPorta. This is also Rookie Morgan's debut as a cinematographer. 







Awards & Nominations


Los Angeles CineFest - August 2018 - SEMI-FINALIST

Show Low Film Festival - Best Short - NOMINATED

Show Low Film Festival - Best Director - NOMINATED

Show Low Film Festival - Best Cinematography - NOMINATED

Show Low Film Festival - Best Suspense - WON