Two Chicks and a Truck

Reality TV | Craft Show
Year: 2018
Runtime: 21 Mins
Director: Thresa Richardson & Rookie Morgan
Writer: Thresa Richardson & Rookie Morgan

Two highly watchable, super relatable women in a small coastal farming community take on their second chapter of life by opening an antique/collectible store. They are VERY funny, hardworking and crazy-creative. They not only hunt for ready-to-sell antique treasures for their store, Carriage House Collectibles, they refurbish and re-purpose the more hopeless finds--Beat up frame of a banjo? No problem! It's now a gorgeous, quirky wall clock!! Gutless Victrola Cabinet? Now a beautiful, steampunk mini-bar!! There are no orphans, only beautiful souls of something waiting to be born/made/created.



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Flea Market Décor Magazine - Oct/Nov 2018

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