The Note

Short Film | Teen | Drama
Year: 2019
Runtime: 10 Mins
Director: Danielle DellaPorta
Writer: Danielle DellaPorta
Studios: Agave Mockingbird & Heart On Fire Productions

When Carly receives a bullying note from Prom Queen Annabelle, she falls into a deep spiral. High school is the worst, and there’s no way out. Her best friend Taylor will confront the bullies and pull her out of it.

Bullying is a major issue in modern schools. Our aim is to shine a light on it and peel away the layers. Oftentimes even the bullies themselves are victims of bullying, either at school or at home. It’s a vicious cycle, and the only way to stop it is to communicate with one another.

The film stars Danielle DellaPorta and Emily Schlachter.







Awards & Nominations

Los Angeles Film Awards 2019 - Best Young Filmmaker - WON


Film Festivals

WRPN Women’s International Film Festival - February 2019

Los Angeles Film Awards Official Selection - March 2019

Blackbird Film Festival - April 2019

GTX Film Festival Official Selection - April 2019